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We, ROKIT Healthcare, endeavor and strive to change the world with our customized artificial organ platforms. We want to provide the safest and effective organ regeneration platform services with our expertise in regenerative medicine. I believe there is a paradigm shift in healthcare economics, and globally, there are needs in new therapeutic methods. Therefore, we would like to become a pioneer in this new paradigm of utilizing autologous cell, cell sheet technology, and 4D biofabrication technology.

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Aging is Disease

Upgrade and Expand the life span with our organ regeneration & Healthcare platform


Keep Blitz & Simple

Solve the organ aging disease problems
which others seem to ignore

Open Innovation Center

ROKIT Healthcare works with a philosophy of “open innovation through convergence and experience”. We invite cross-disciplinary teams in academia, clinical centers, industries and regulatory affairs together to expedite translating the unique benefits of 4D printing into clinic for organ regeneration. We invite collaborative innovations in the fields of:

4D biofabrication technologies and tools
- Medical operations
- Bioinks and accessories
- Clean-bench bioreactors
- Regulatory breakthroughs in 4D printing of medical devices